Tri City Open Pool League Standings

Week 3 Standings 10/10

 Place Wins Team Name  
 1 22 Cocktails 1 Bob
 2 19 Time Out
 3 18 Corner Pocket
 4 17 Shawn Ryans
 5 15 CJ's
 6 12 3 Sharks 3 Pinheads
 7 11 Vernon BG 2 Jim
 7 11 Vernon BG 1 Paul
 9 11 Chappy's Safari
 10 9 Mulligans
 10 9 Shack
 12 8 J W's

* = Missing score envelope

Important Notice about score envelopes
Teams which do not fill in their TEAM NAME or the FULL PLAYER NAMES on the score envelope will have one win deducted from their scores for each type of noncompliance.

Important Notice about player conduct and sportsmanship
Players being unruly or exhibiting poor sportsmanship will be given a warning on their first offense.
The next offense will result in the player being barred from their next match.
If it happens a third time, the player will be ineligible to play for the remainder of the season.